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New York, NY
Through the vessel of Iris Lune, beguiling front woman Ella Joy Meir aims to extinguish the veil between art and life. Gripping, downcast, lucid, the volcanic talent’s soul-stirring alto penetrates deeply — leaving a gossamer sheen that fully envelops the senses. A bonafide triple threat, Meir is in constant flex as a lead vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, whose alluring Iris Lune cloak could rival any of her own art-pop heroines Florence Welch, Bjork, Mitski and Joni Mitchell. With two EPs — 2015’s Iris Lune and 2017’s Lost In Chatter — under her belt, the queer upstart has netted over a million streams across platforms to date, and has become a local live force, selling out shows in her newly minted home base of New York City.
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